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29. October 2023 — life

water falling from the sky is great. seriously. i don’t mind. you do you.

but… what’s the point in doing it for two weeks straight? and why the #!?$ can’t you stick to your schedule as everybody else!?

new chapter

12. October 2023 — Personal

starting a new job as a product designer. will it be as fulfilling as i hope it to be? who knows. for now it feels like the perfect match.

and it will certainly open new doors in the future, in a field i feel so deeply connected to.

live sticker

06. October 2023 — Products

the new live sticker feature of iOS 17 is just incredible. finally, having kids (or pets) makes sense again!


24. August 2023 — Personal

back in my second home town. feeling nostalgic.

living in the old town is something special. you just walk out the door, and everything meaningful is a five minute stroll away. like locally roasted coffee. or home made pie.

vacation w/ kids

18. August 2023 — family

taking some time off with the kids (5 and 1). planning and logistics are so crucial to make relaxing holidays actually possible. i don‘t think childless couples realize that.

a few more years and it will be much easier. well, at least the logistics part.

google reviews

17. August 2023 — Personal

i rely way too much on random peoples cranky opinion.

color palette

14. August 2023 — Personal

on this blog, my website and other personal documents, i’m currently using this color palette:

slightly-off white for background

dark green-black for text

green-grey for sub-text

bright orange for interaction

i let the orange start with .5 opacity for dynamic/animation. the palette also works in dark mode by flipping ‘text’ and ‘background’ color.

breaking bad

13. August 2023 — TV series

binge-watching bryan cranston breaking bad for the… fifth time?

this series is simply incredible. each and every episode serves a purpose, drives the story, the characters. is on point. nuanced.

and don’t get me started on that acting performance. through and through, lead or support. it’s mind-blowing.

personal webpage

10. August 2023 — Personal

reviewed and redesigned my personal webpage to a much more minimalistic approach. pure html and css.

reducing clutter and removing features — it‘s liberating.

slay the spire

08. August 2023 — Games

damn, games can be addictive. got slay the spire+ from apple arcade. spend 12+ hours with it last week, nearly two hrs a day. crazy.

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