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affinity suite

03. August 2023 — Products

i always try to imagine adobe’s face realising that affinity by serif is here to stay. such a comprehensive product, facing one of the biggest digital players with nothing but confidence and quality.


30. July 2023 — Products

i love to sketch out ideas in figma. it’s the perfect place to play around and quickly elaborate thoughts.


30. July 2023 — Products

to stay sane in the age of information, i channel all input with feedly. gain insight and inspiration without having to spend 2+ hours a day checking multiple resources is a game changer. welcome back, rss!


28. July 2023 — Products

our brain is damn powerful & can process information with incredible speed, but one unfinished task can block resources like a chrome browser.

i declutter my brain with todoist to allow me to focus on one task at a time & get things done.


23. July 2023 — Products

I don’t like shopping. thanks to the “permanent collection” by asket, i don’t have to. it’s comfortable, high quality, durable, sustainable. a no brainer.

ampler curt

20. July 2023 — Products

my curt by ambler bikes keeps me mobile. it’s one hell of an e-bike and perfect for commuting in urban areas – even with a child seat. i adore it.

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