Reflecting on everyday life in a few words.

Autonomous driving

April 16, 2024 — User Experience

I said it once and I’ll say it again: autonomous vehicles won’t take off until the first manufacturer takes full responsibility for its robots.

Vision Pro

February 04, 2024 — User Experience

„I left my settings app in the other room yesterday“ — Jason Snell,

Who needs standing desks when you can put each app in a different room and run around the apartment all day?

Getting Real

January 27, 2024 — User Experience

Reading ‘Getting Real’ by Basecamp on how to build successful web apps. So many good quotes, it’s impossible to choose. This is the way. Or is it?

Faster internet

December 10, 2023 — User Experience

“Internet providers sell connections by capacity, but the difference between streaming a 4K movie 30 times faster than you can watch it versus five times faster than you can watch it isn’t particularly important.”

Mitchell Clark,

Live Sticker

October 06, 2023 — User Experience

The new Live Sticker feature of iOS 17 is just incredible. Finally, having kids (or pets) makes sense again!

Affinity Suite

August 03, 2023 — User Experience

I always try to imagine Adobe’s face realizing that Affinity by Serif is here to stay. Such a comprehensive product, facing one of the biggest digital players with nothing but confidence and quality.


July 30, 2023 — User Experience

I love to sketch out ideas in Figma. It’s the perfect place to play around and quickly elaborate thoughts.


July 30, 2023 — User Experience

To stay sane in the age of information, I channel all input with Feedly. Gain insight and inspiration without having to spend 2+ hours a day checking multiple resources is a game changer. Welcome back, RSS!


July 28, 2023 — User Experience

Our brain is damn powerful and can process information with incredible speed, but one unfinished task can block resources like a Chrome browser.

I declutter my brain with Todoist to allow me to focus on one task at a time and get things done.


July 23, 2023 — User Experience

I don’t like shopping. Thanks to the ‘Permanent Collection’ by Asket, I don’t have to. It’s comfortable, high quality, durable, sustainable—a no-brainer.

Ampler Curt

July 20, 2023 — User Experience

My Curt by Ampler Bikes keeps me mobile. It’s one hell of an e-bike and perfect for commuting in urban areas—even with a child seat. I adore it.