reflecting on everyday life in few words

million dollar idea

24. February 2024 — living life

a few days ago, i had a million dollar idea. maybe.


13. January 2024 — living life

some days you just try to get from one cappuccino to the next.

on time

30. December 2023 — living life

it’s fascinating how people’s attitude to punctuality differs.

even with two kids, we are usually plus/minus two minutes ‘on time’. we don’t compromise to achieve this. it’s an essential part of our organization and logistics.

time is the most valuable thing each one of us has. i try to respect other people’s time.

three hours

14. December 2023 — living life

seven hours. that’s the amount of sleep i need to function… pretty well. it’s way less than how long i would sleep without kids, though.

add another seven for work, and seven more for family life organization. that’s 21 hrs to keep it all running. and leaves up to three hours a day to spend however i want.

that right there. that’s privilege. prosperity. and when i’m old and wrinkled, i’ll reflect on how i spend those three hours every day.


29. October 2023 — living life

water falling from the sky is great. seriously. i don’t mind. you do you.

but… what’s the point in doing it for two weeks straight? and why the #!?$ can’t you stick to your schedule as everybody else!?


24. August 2023 — living life

back in my second home town. feeling nostalgic.

living in the old town is something special. you just walk out the door, and everything meaningful is a five minute stroll away. like locally roasted coffee. or home made pie.

vacation w/ kids

18. August 2023 — living life

taking some time off with the kids (5 and 1). planning and logistics are so crucial to make relaxing holidays actually possible. i don‘t think childless couples realize that.

a few more years and it will be much easier. well, at least the logistics part.

google reviews

17. August 2023 — living life

i rely way too much on random peoples cranky opinion.