reflecting on everyday life in few words

million dollar idea

24. February 2024 — living life

a few days ago, i had a million dollar idea. maybe.

vision pro

04. February 2024 — user experience

„i left my settings app in the other room yesterday“ by jason snell at

who needs standing desks when you can put each app in a different room and run around the apartment all day?

getting real

27. January 2024 — user experience

reading getting real by basecamp on how to build successful web apps. so many good quotes it‘s impossible to choose. this is the way.


13. January 2024 — living life

some days you just try to get from one cappuccino to the next.

baldur’s gate

30. December 2023 — story time

sorry, i must join in. baldur’s gate 3 is the most impressive and comprehensive rpg I’ve ever played. no matter what perspective you have, be it as a player, developer, designer, writer – it’s a masterpiece.

i hope it leaves a mark in the industry, especially for triple a productions. as a showcase of previously inconceivable creative work and freedom. and a publisher that isn’t focused on maximizing profit.

on time

30. December 2023 — living life

it’s fascinating how people’s attitude to punctuality differs.

even with two kids, we are usually plus/minus two minutes ‘on time’. we don’t compromise to achieve this. it’s an essential part of our organization and logistics.

time is the most valuable thing each one of us has. i try to respect other people’s time.

three hours

14. December 2023 — living life

seven hours. that’s the amount of sleep i need to function… pretty well. it’s way less than how long i would sleep without kids, though.

add another seven for work, and seven more for family life organization. that’s 21 hrs to keep it all running. and leaves up to three hours a day to spend however i want.

that right there. that’s privilege. prosperity. and when i’m old and wrinkled, i’ll reflect on how i spend those three hours every day.

faster internet

10. December 2023 — user experience

„internet providers sell connections by capacity [but] the difference between streaming a 4K movie 30 times faster than you can watch it versus five times faster than you can watch it isn’t particularly important.“

by mitchell clark at


29. October 2023 — living life

water falling from the sky is great. seriously. i don’t mind. you do you.

but… what’s the point in doing it for two weeks straight? and why the #!?$ can’t you stick to your schedule as everybody else!?

new chapter

12. October 2023 — personal news

starting a new job as a product designer. will it be as fulfilling as i hope it to be? who knows. for now it feels like the perfect match.

and it will certainly open new doors in the future, in a field i feel so deeply connected to.

live sticker

06. October 2023 — user experience

the new live sticker feature of iOS 17 is just incredible. finally, having kids (or pets) makes sense again!


24. August 2023 — living life

back in my second home town. feeling nostalgic.

living in the old town is something special. you just walk out the door, and everything meaningful is a five minute stroll away. like locally roasted coffee. or home made pie.

vacation w/ kids

18. August 2023 — living life

taking some time off with the kids (5 and 1). planning and logistics are so crucial to make relaxing holidays actually possible. i don‘t think childless couples realize that.

a few more years and it will be much easier. well, at least the logistics part.

google reviews

17. August 2023 — living life

i rely way too much on random peoples cranky opinion.

color palette

14. August 2023 — personal news

on this blog, my website and other personal documents, i’m currently using this color palette:

slightly-off white for background

dark green-black for text

green-grey for sub-text

bright orange for interaction

i let the orange start with .5 opacity for dynamic/animation. the palette also works in dark mode by flipping ‘text’ and ‘background’ color.

breaking bad

13. August 2023 — story time

binge-watching bryan cranston breaking bad for the… fifth time?

this series is simply incredible. each and every episode serves a purpose, drives the story, the characters. is on point. nuanced.

and don’t get me started on that acting performance. through and through, lead or support. it’s mind-blowing.

personal webpage

10. August 2023 — personal news

reviewed and redesigned my personal webpage to a much more minimalistic approach. pure html and css.

reducing clutter and removing features — it‘s liberating.

slay the spire

08. August 2023 — story time

damn, games can be addictive. got slay the spire+ from apple arcade. spend 12+ hours with it last week, nearly two hrs a day. crazy.

affinity suite

03. August 2023 — user experience

i always try to imagine adobe’s face realising that affinity by serif is here to stay. such a comprehensive product, facing one of the biggest digital players with nothing but confidence and quality.


30. July 2023 — user experience

i love to sketch out ideas in figma. it’s the perfect place to play around and quickly elaborate thoughts.


30. July 2023 — user experience

to stay sane in the age of information, i channel all input with feedly. gain insight and inspiration without having to spend 2+ hours a day checking multiple resources is a game changer. welcome back, rss!


28. July 2023 — user experience

our brain is damn powerful and can process information with incredible speed, but one unfinished task can block resources like a chrome browser.

i declutter my brain with todoist to allow me to focus on one task at a time and get things done.


23. July 2023 — user experience

i don’t like shopping. thanks to the “permanent collection” by asket, i don’t have to. it’s comfortable, high quality, durable, sustainable. a no brainer.

ampler curt

20. July 2023 — user experience

my curt by ambler bikes keeps me mobile. it’s one hell of an e-bike and perfect for commuting in urban areas – even with a child seat. i adore it.